Late Night Comedy Demands Front Row at Trump’s Fake News Awards

Trump tweeted on Tuesday, he will be announcing “The Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Awards of the Year” next Monday, and the satirical crowd that dominates late night television screens couldn’t be more thrilled.

Jimmy Kimmel renamed the impromptu ceremony “The Stupid’s People Choice Awards” on the Wednesday broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel Live.  After claiming that Trump must have been in the White House laundry room snacking on Tide Pods, Kimmel seriously questioned whether Trump would be capable of awarding a trophy to anyone but himself.

Jokester Stephen Colbert wants in too. He claimed on Twitter that his nomination efforts for “The Fakies” are a “desperate bid to get Trump’s approval,” as, in his eyes, there is no better way to gain credibility than to be called a liar by Trump.

He made sure Trump noticed him with a monumental “for your consideration” ad smacked in the middle of the “failing New York Times Square” including desired nominations in categories including “Smallest Button,” “Least Breitbarty,” “The Eric Trump Memorial Award for Disappointment,” “Dishonestest Corruption,” and more.


Not to be outdone, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah tweeted his own award-show-style ad to Donald Trump featuring his own critically-acclaimed mentions from ironic sources like Breitbart News, Fox & Friends and the New York Post.


Samantha Bee of the raw and raunchy yet addicting Full Frontal with Samantha Bee late night show popped out with her own spin on the faux “for your consideration” ad, suggesting Trump has a girl host for the next awards.

- Sydney Shuler

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