Oh, Baby!

Jenner hides from the cameras while shopping in LA with a friend.

The baby in America’s beloved Kardashian family has been the topic of conversation for the past few months over speculation that she’s pregnant, but is it hers?

You read that right. Rumors have been circulating that Kylie Jenner is acting as the surrogate for Kim and Kanye’s third child, born just a few days ago, since Kim announced their use of a surrogate due to health complications in December.

Jenner has been MIA from Keeping Up with the Kardashians since the beginning of season 14 October, even though she is usually actively involved in the show. Aside from going missing from KUWTK, her daily paparazzi pics have disappeared as well, with hardly any sightings of Kylie in public She has also changed her usually suggestive photo style on Snapchat and Instagram to strictly above-the-chest and baby-bump-hiding.

Other rumors suggest Jenner got pregnant with superstar rapper boyfriend Travis Scott and gave birth to the baby months ago.
Jenner and Scott in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Jenner has kept her silence while the rumors circulate, will she break her silence, or will the baby cries and bod speak for themselves?

~ Sydney Shuler

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