Somebody Made Mo Mad

Comedy veteran Mo’Nique has decided to boycott Netflix, and she wants you to join her.

The star took to Instagram this morning where she posted a video revealing that Netflix offered her $500,000 to do a comedy special, significantly lower that actress and comedian Amy Schumer, who negotiated $13 million for a Netflix special. She also references legends Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle who received $20 million for their own Netflix specials.

According to Empire creator Lee Daniels, ’Nique’s downfall started when she was blackballed after her Oscar win in 2010. The comedian/actress allegedly turned into a diva, making unreasonable demands and talking down to her coworkers, and that was the real reason people in Hollywood didn’t want to work with her anymore.

Mo’Nique is accusing Netflix of “gender bias” and “color bias,” and ended the video calling the members of the black and female communities to action in boycotting the media streaming service.

~ Sydney Shuler

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