Bad Parent or Self Expression?

Bad Parent or Self Expression

Mommy taught me! Social media sensation, Amber Rose is under fire after posting a picture of her son’s hair dyed platinum blonde on Instagram. She explained in the caption of the photo that her son Sebastian, who is almost five, has been begging her to dye his hair blonde just like his mother for years now. She finally caved in to let him fully express himself.

While Amber advocated for parents loving their children unconditionally, social media had other concerns. Many of her followers accused Amber of exemplifying bad parenting skills and even forcing her son to be homosexual. A few parents also commented warning Amber about the dangers of chemicals that come from dying hair at a young age. Some of Amber’s celebrity following, like reality tv star, Kim Zolciak Biermann, showed her support by commenting that children are to be unfolded and not molded. Whether you agree or disagree with Amber Rose’s decision, it is certain that her son appears to be very happy in the photo above.  

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