Dodge Ram Under Fire for MLK Commercial Ad

Could it be the fact that majority of the individuals in the ad aren’t black? Or maybe that the use of the late civil rights leader’s sermon was used to sell a truck?  

Whatever the reason may be, the ad has received mixed reactions.

Since the release of the Fiat Chrysler commercial ad several conversations have sparked debating whether or not the promotion was good or bad. The ad has received backlash for using the sermon to promote truck sales.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s family has refused to associate themselves with the recent Dodge Ram Super Bowl commercial controversy.

The Drum Major Instinct” speech used in the ad marked its 50th anniversary on Sunday, Feb. 4, 1968. The speech quoted “If you want to be important — wonderful. If you want to be recognized — wonderful. If you want to be great — wonderful. But recognize that he who is greatest among you shall be your servant. That’s a new definition of greatness.…

The ad, titled 'Built To Serve' shows a series of ordinary people in acts of love. Americans are shown riding horses, teaching classes and volunteering outside.

~Raichele Privette
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