Drake’s Handwritten Lyrics on Sale for $54K

You can bet that Drake’s hotline is blinging after the owner of Moments In Time, an autograph dealer, announced the auctioning of Drake’s old notebook for $54 thousand.

Gary Zimet, owner of Moments In Time, told TMZ that a member of the cleanup crew at Drake’s grandfather’s furniture factory discovered the purple spiral notebook about 10 years ago in Toronto. The notebook contains song lyrics, several Aubrey Graham signatures, phone numbers and personal notes in addition to Drake’s homage to Biggie Smalls's "10 Crack Commandments," which the he calls the "10 Mack Commandments."

It is still uncertain when the entries were written, however the copyright in the front of the book is dated 2002, which is one year after Drake began his eight-year role on “Degrassi.”

Champagnepapi recently donated his entire $1 million dollar budget for his new music video for “Gods Plan” to people on the streets, local charities, families and scholarships.

~Raichele Privette

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