He's a Cool Cat

The Black Panther pounces into theaters February 15th but those who got a sneak peek of the big kitty are mesmerized by the power of the panther. It’s not just a movie, for some, it’s a movement. One fan, Charles Davis of Virginia said it was very special to see a film with a cast that looked like him, in such incredible costumes and designs.

Nationwide, the Marvel film directed by Ryan Coogler is perrrfect according to reviews.  It’s gotten a rare 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, and there is reportedly talk of a sequel. 

Towns all over the country are being transformed into mini Wakandas, the fictional country from which the Black Panther hails. In Norfolk, Virginia moviegoers packed the theater at Military Circle walking down the red carpet, and donning their best African inspired wares, like the stars of the film did in LA, NY and more recently London.

But for fans who just now are making plans for the opening night, getting a ticket will be like herding cats. They could be shut out because tickets are sold out. Fandango says Panther ranks as the fourth pre-sold movie of all time following behind, three of the Star Wars franchises. Panther is expected to be living like a fat cat, the flick is estimated to bring in a whopping 165-million this weekend alone.

The cat is definitely out of the bag on this one, Panther is officially poppin.

-April Woodard
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