No Respect for Royalty?

Anna Wintour is in some royal trouble. The long-time Vogue editor-in-chief was seen last Tuesday sitting next to Queen Elizabeth, stunting her signature big-framed sunglasses at Richard Quinn’s show at London Fashion Week. Wintour did not show any blatant disrespect as she did acknowledge the Queen: stood, shook her hand, and even sat and talked with the Queen during the show, but many felt that it was disrespectful that Wintour didn’t remove her shades. Royal expert Kevin Lynch, manager of Dailybreak said, “she also could have removed her sunglasses as a sign of respect — in the same way, people remove baseball hats indoors.”  

Along with some other reported violations that can be seen as disrespect, Wintour did not curtsy to the Queen nor did she let the Queen initiate their handshake which is a huge deal. Many believe Wintour should've known better, considering that she is a “Dame” (the female version of a Knight) which is the highest merit you can receive from the prestigious Buckingham Palace. Though this is seen as a major mess up, it was reported that the Queen does not hold grudges. It was also reported that Wintour was momentarily distracted, so she should be in the clear. The show still went smoothly and there are even pictures of the two smiling and enjoying the event. This should be a lesson learned for Anna, or she could end up paying a royal price, as next time the Queen might not be so forgiving.

Nazim Trammell-Wells

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