Omarosa's Got the Tea

On Thursday's episode of Big Brother, Omarosa spilled some scorching tea about her time in the big White House! During a little night cap convo with contestant Ross Matthews, sounds like Omarosa is now warning the country that we should be worried about what’s going on in the house on the hill. From the way Omarosa reacted and responded to questions, the White House seems just as bad we thought. Omarosa said she tried to monitor Trump's twitter and behavior, but that just made things bad for herself. She even admitted that everyday she was, ”haunted by tweets” wondering what our wild mouth of a president was going to tweet, say or do next. 

During the conversation, she seemed very remorseful of her time serving President Trump…guessing it is not what she expected. But was the regret genuine or did she turn the tear switch on for the ratings? Seeing as though she’s had her time in the world of reality TV.

So, what’s the future of our country looking like? Well, from the tea we sipped tonight, not too bright!

Devin R. Williams
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