The City of Brotherly Love prepares for Celebration Parade

As Eagles fans continue to bask in the Championship win, celebrations began on Sunday night
immediately following the game and much more are underway this week.

Fans and people from all over the city of Philadelphia stormed the streets in celebration of the
Philadelphia Eagles first ever Superbowl win. Although everyone else has moved on from the
victory, citizens of Philadelphia still have a huge day ahead of them. City officials have
announced that the parade will take place this Thursday. So once again, we will see Broad
Street full of fans from everywhere, hopefully in a more peaceful manner! There were some
incidents that occurred Sunday night that caused damage to the city, some were injured, but
we’re sure that security will be in place to ensure that Eagles Day will have great success!

Along with all of the celebrations, the team has also started receiving invitations to visit and
celebrate with others. Amongst those invitations is, of course, the annual White House visit.
Former Super Bowl Champs of 2017, the New England Patriots, had some teammates,
including quarterback, Tom Brady, decline the offer. We are seeing a few of the Eagles
declaring to take similar actions this year. What do you think will happen?

~TaTyana Wilson
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