To Hologram or Not to Hologram

Justin Timberlake definitely heard what it sounds like when doves cry once fans got whiff of a Prince hologram during his Super Bowl Halftime Show.  A TMZ report on Saturday revealed that Timberlake planned to use the hologram, which was included in the Friday night rehearsal, to pay tribute to The Purple One. Fans were outraged, considering their idol once said that playing with the hologram of a deceased musician is “the most demonic thing imaginable.”

Celebrations of Prince’s life and accomplishments have been taking place throughout his home state of Minnesota as it prepares to host Super Bowl LII, but a hologram performance over a year after his death isn’t sitting right with some. Prince’s loved ones including sister Sharon L. Nelson and former flame Sheila E. shook their heads at the idea.

Many fans are still anxious to see if their favorite performer will make a digitally created cameo.

~Sydney Shuler
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