Travis Scott Gifts Kylie With $1.4 Million Ferrari

Travis Scott really broke the bank with this one. No gift can top what he gave girlfriend, Kylie, for her “push present.” It was reported last week that Travis gave Kylie jewelry for a push present, which is a gift given to the mother from the father of her newborn child. Seems normal for a gift, right? Well, not enough for Travis as he spent $1.4 million on her second gift — a black Ferrari LaFerrari. By the looks of it, Kylie is the Ferrari queen. For her 18th birthday her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, gifted her a $320,000 Ferrari. Tyga’s budget didn’t even reach half way close to Travis’. This must have been Travis’ way of “filling the empty space” Tyga left for him to do.

Kylie took to her Instagram story to share video footage of her jet black Ferrari LaFerrari, with a red interior. What makes this gift so exclusive is that only 500 of these cars were made and are no longer in production. This car is said to have been sold out before the world even knew it existed. Powered by a 788-horsepower, V12 engine and travel speeds of 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds, this car is not newborn baby material. Unless Travis can get a $1.4 million car seat for baby Stormi, she won’t be in it anytime soon.

-Ryenne Scott

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