Vincent Cirrincione has bigger problems after losing Halle Berry

Vincent Cirrincione has been losing a lot of things in the fire as he is under investigation for sexual
harassment. Nine women have come forth with claims of being touched or being asked to do things
in exchange for management. The Oscar-winning Halle Berry is beyond livid as she hears about the
accusations and sent a message to the women that she will fight for them. Although Berry cut ties
with Cirrincione nearly three years ago from sexual misconduct allegations, she is disgusted to hear
that he used her name as a way to lure women to do things in exchange for fame.

More recently, Taraji P. Henson has also made the major decision to end all business ties with her
manager Cirrincione. Taraji came forth and said that she personally has not had a bad experience
with the film producer, but we all know that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned so it is no surprise
that Henson fires Cirrincione. Taraji who didn’t get her first shot in the industry until age 30, expresses
how difficult the industry is for women and hopes that there is a change in the treatment of women in
the entertainment industry. In wake of all of this, Vincent Cirrincione has shut down his management

~TaTyana Wilson
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