Viola Davis Wants More

Oscar, Emmy and 2x Tony Award-winning Viola Davis is not a fan of comparisons in her field of work.
Having been in the TV and Film industry for nearly 30 years, many people admire the work of Viola
Davis and know that she will always deliver. People have even gone as far as saying she’s the
“Black Meryl Streep.” This comment from various fans has sparked a discussion that caused Davis
speak out on inequality of pay.

At the Women in the World (#WITW) conference, Viola Davis responded to the comparisons and
made it known that it is invalid to compare White and African American actresses in today’s society.
Not only do women get paid less than men, but African American women get paid a tenth of what
white women make in hollywood. Davis has taken the same path as Sigourney Weaver, Meryl Streep
and Julianne Moore, and she has shared similar success, yet she is not even close to them in pay or
job opportunity. She brings up the discussion of always having to prove her worth, so she is
demanding that if hollywood wants to compare her to Meryl Streep and put them in the same category,
then she needs to be paid what she’s worth!

~TaTyana Wilson
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