Wendy Williams May Not be 'Doin' So Well

The host with all the tea seems to be cutting back on her intake. Talk show host Wendy Williams shares very private information with her viewers, this time about herself. For the past few weeks Wendy has been cancelling shows due to serious health conditions and more time taken off is to be expected. Usually starting off her show asking her audience, “how you doin’?” this is a question that should now be asked to her.

Upon her doctor's request, the gossip queen will be taking a three-week rest period to treat her Graves Disease and get her health back on track. Graves Disease is an immune system disorder in which the thyroid gland over produces hormones which causes anxiety, heat sensitivity, fatigue and puffy eyes. Wendy also shared that this may be the reason why her eyes appeared to be bulging out of the sockets and for her fainting on a live show in October. Ms. How You Doin’ expressed to viewers that she’s never been one to miss work, so she will be back and better hopefully sooner than later. However, this will be a great time to catch up on your favorite Wendy moments and some you’ve missed, as old episodes will be airing during her time off.

TaTyana Wilson

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