"Woah Vicky" Arrested

The 17-year-old online networking star "Woah Vicky" was arrested in a North Carolina shopping center on Saturday while hanging out with friends.

As per The Blast, Vicky (genuine name: Victoria Waldrip) was requested to leave the premises. She was accused of trespassing, ambush on a law enforcement officer and opposing, deferring or hindering an officer. Vicky claims she was captured because of prejudice on her Instagram page.

“We out... #blacklivesmatter," she wrote after her discharge the following day. "F- - k all them... they racists asf and dumb asf! They broke my baby @virgin.child nose and gave him a concussion for no reason. The reason for arresting us is because there were too many kids coming up to us asking for pictures' but we out now that's all that matters."

Vicky first stood out after  guaranteeing she was "black," yet her police report demonstrates she isn't. She was recorded as white on the report. "My whole entire life my mother continued letting me know 'you're white' and I never trusted her since I knew I was black," she said previously. "How are you going to stay here and tell me what race I am? If  I say I'm black then I'm black." She went ahead to share her DNA results, which allegedly show she is 54 percent European and 45 percent African.

Morgan Spruill
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