Austin Bombing Comes to an Explosive End

Police Finally Getting Down To The Bottom of Austin Bombings

The clues were in the receipts. After several explosive packages were left throughout Austin, Texas, killing two innocent people, police got down to the bottom of this odd situation. Officers noticed during the investigation that the bombs were all made from common  household ingredients. The FBI went to local stores to scan receipts and look for clues.
Not only did they go through receipts of suspicious purchases but the stores’ sales as well. These receipts provided the information they needed to nail 23 year old, Mark Anthony Conditt. What really cracked him down was the video footage from a mail delivery store, south of Austin. In the video, Conditt is seen shipping an explosive device. Conditt was quickly found in a hotel in Round Rock, about 20 miles north of the city of Austin.
During his attempt to be arrested, Conditt took off in his car and landed into a ditch. While the SWAT was approaching his car, Conditt set off another bomb - inside his car. One officer was injured from the blast while the other fired his shot at the suspect. Conditt died shortly after.

-India Anderson

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