Chance doesn't want no problems

Three-time Grammy Award winning, Chance the Rapper is reassuring racists that they don't want any
problems with him.

Chance the Rapper is well known for his kind heart and willingness to pour into his community. In 2017,
he created a $2.2 Million fund for Chicago Public schools. He is an advocate for education in Chicago
and for the perpetuity of African Americans. For those reasons, he received BET’s Humanitarian Award
in 2017. Chance is constantly reminding us that we are all we got, which explains why Chance does
not hesitate to clap back when necessary.

Recently, Chance has been giving heat to anyone is who speaks down on his people. Starting with this
tweet that received over 40k likes, “Blackness is global.” Chance may be all sweet with cocoa butter
kisses, but he is beyond fed up with racial comments and the mistreatment of blacks.

~TaTyana Wilson
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