Everything Isn’t Always Black & White

National Geographic has finally decided to address the elephant in the room. The magazine is owning up to their racist past and would like to unite their readers with a special issue that explores race. The cover features fraternal twin sisters, Millie and Marcia, who are biracial but appear to have very different skin tones. Their story helps to launch a series about different ethnic and religious groups and their changing roles in the 21st century.

Readers can finally exhale knowing that the magazine has decided to leave racism in its past and go in a different direction. This special issue has launched more than just two adorable careers, the magazine has started a movement to unite people of different races with the #IDefineMe hashtag on social media. The movement has people asking questions like, “Why is it us vs. them?” We guess Michael Jackson said it best, “It doesn’t matter if you're black or white!”  

~Amber Smith

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