Fans Give Funny Reactions to 'On the Run II' Tour Announcement

Fans are crazy in love with Beyonce and Jay Z! So crazy, that they’re willing to do nearly anything to see their fave power couple ‘On the Run’ again. The duo is back on their Bonnie and Clyde with the On the Run II tour beginning in June. 

The tour is highly anticipated; Jay Z's '4:44' did numbers on the charts and Lemonade is still every woman’s anthem, but no one could have anticipated how much ticket prices rocketed. With prices as high as $2,300 a pop, the Beyhive was left speechless. But no price is too steep for fans, as they took to Twitter to share the hilariously insane lengths they would go to see them take the stage.

How far would you go to sit front row at a flawless Bey and Jay concert? It might be cheaper to buy a cash car or two Iphone X’s than purchase an OTR II ticket, but you can’t knock the hustle. The higher the price, hopefully the better the show!

Timia Whitsey

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