Things aren’t Always Pretty Behind the Scenes

From an abusive childhood to the big screen, This is Us star Chrissy Metz opens up about her troubled upbringing in her new book, entitled This is Me. In an interview with People Magazine, Chrissy got candid about how her stepfather, “Trigger,” would verbally abuse her about her weight and even physically abuse her for simply looking at him the wrong way. She recalls him showing a lot of love to her siblings, but never to her. He would sometimes punch, kick, and slap young Chrissy somewhere on her body, because that was the part of her he hated most.

The new starlet pinpoints a time when Trigger made her step on a scale while he sat right next to it and fat-shamed her for her weight. Chrissy soon turned to food as a dependent and only felt bliss when she was eating. When she left to pursue a career in Hollywood, he did wish her the best of luck and explained how proud he was of her. Her stepfather has responded to the  allegations by saying he does not recall any of this happening and loves her now the same way he has always loved her.

-Amber Smith
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