Bow Wow’s ‘Edicius’ Album Is On The Way

The dog himself has announced that he’s ready for a rebirth.

Bow Wow  turned to social media to get it ‘Outta His System’ that he will be dropping a new album titled ‘Edicius,’ which is suicide spelled backwards. The album is expected to be released after his mixtape Greenlight 6.

Many people are confused as to why the rapper decided to name the album suicide spelled backwards, however the 31-year-old has a pretty familiar past with the complex issue. In 2010 Bow Wow tweeted about death and during a 2016 interview with Vlad TV he told them that he encountered suicidal urges as a teen.
Bow Wow plans to use this album as a comeback, leaving the old him in the past and creating a new him, letting fans know he’s ‘back.’
Are you ready to ‘Bounce Back With Him?’

~Raichele Privette
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