Drew Brees’ Overpriced Ice

The first photo of Drew Brees’ blinding 4.09 carat blue diamond has surfaced, and the price tag will have you (and him) sick.

Brees purchased the unique stone in 2015 for $8.M from Vahid Moradi of CJ Charles jewelers in San Diego.

The Saints quarterback brought in an independent specialist to appraise some pieces purchased from Moradi over the years, only to find out he’s been played. The specialist revealed that the diamond was worth only $2M when it was purchased, and $3.75M currently, meaning Brees overpaid approximately $6M.

Brees shopped for what he thought were a pair of pink diamond earrings with Moradi, paying $975k. His independent specialist exposed Moradi’s attempt to enhance the stone’s natural color by painting its setting pink.

Brees has spent a total of $15M with Moradi over the years… on jewelry only worth $6M.

Moradi has been pretty matter-of-fact about the situation, stating that Brees has no one to blame but himself for his losses.

Brees and wife Brittany have filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the San Diego jewelery

Brees definitely fumbled on the investment front, but hopefully he’s learned from his mistakes.

~ Sydney Shuler
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