I’m a real ROY: Simmons vs. Mitchell

This year's NBA season has been an interesting one to say the least. With a loaded Cavs team
blowing up, to the Warriors claiming a second seed for the first time in years, to Chris Paul and James
Harden arguably being the most unstoppable duo in the world, this years season has been a memorable
one.Through all of those storylines, as the season winds down one question has emerged and captured
every fans attention. Who is the Rookie of the Year? Now everyone has their top 2 picks, which is
Ben Simmons and Donovan Mitchell but; who is truly the best rookie this year?
Donovan Mitchell, a shooting guard who was drafted by the Utah Jazz from the University
Louisville in 2017, is a future superstar. With his ability to score virtually anywhere and the ability to defend he can easily take over a game, something that any team with championship aspirations
would need.
Ben Simmons, an Australian 6’10 small forward, who was drafted by the
Philadelphia 76ers in 2016, has been called the second coming of All-Time great Lebron James.
With his ability to make jaw dropping passes along with using his size too impose his will he is an
absolute matchup nightmare. Simmons, is the favorite to take the NBA Rookie of the Year award but
many scouts are calling too question is he really a rookie? and does he really deserve the award?
Last year Simmons, missed his first year after turning pro after a foot fracture which
sidelined him the 2016-2017 whole season. Since starting at Point Guard for the 2017-2018 season,
Simmons has turned the abysmal Sixers into a top seeded playoff team. Donovan Mitchell and other
critics have implied that him winning is unfair and that since he had a whole year too train and get
accustomed too NBA life without actually playing, provides him an advantage. An advantage, that
should exclude him for being considered a rookie.

Simmons responded to the critics by saying “I believe that I am rookie of the year 100%” and
that he won't be sending any subliminal but will “Let his play do the talking for him.” It'll be
interesting to watch these young future stars prove themselves even more on the court.
~Nazim Trammell-Wells
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