Mariah's former manager may not be a fan of 'Touch my Body'

Mariah Carey’s former manager, Stella Bulochnikov, filed a lawsuit on the singer for sexual harassment and drug abuse. The amount is said to be in the
millions for unpaid expenses and breaking a three year contract. Bulochnikov accused the R&B
sensation of being naked in front of her on multiple occasions making her uncomfortable.
Carey’s ex-manager is also exposing the singer for her substance abuse problem with alcohol,
marijuana and prescribed pills. Despite managing her for almost three years and accomplishing
some major goals, the two agreed that they do not belong together.

Representation for Mariah Carey, of course, have their own side to share. Carey’s rep says
that Bulochnikov was never under a contract and was fired due to poor management and not
doing her job effectively. In light of Carey’s recent interview, Stella is only bringing light to more
hidden secrets and taking advantage by dragging the singer through the rain. The partnership
between the two has been over for quite some time but Stella Bulochnikov just can’t let go.

~TaTyana Wilson

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