Mo'Nique has come a long way from Phat Girlz

Comedian and actress Mo’Nique seems to be all smiles again as she celebrates a milestone in her weight loss journey.

The Queen of Comedy has always been an advocate for plus size women and an even bigger advocate for herself. The past two years Mo’Nique has found more enemies than friends in the entertainment industry. From being blackballed by directors to not being offered enough money by Netflix, Mo’Nique may be making major career changes along with her new look.

Mo’Nique is now under 200lbs and the smallest she’s been since high school. Promoting a healthier look and embracing positive vibes could be the change the industry needed from Mo’Nique to save her career. Fans and critics are applauding Mo’Nique for her efforts and giving her the credit she deserves for her weight loss achievements.

TaTyana Wilson

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