Beyoncé and Jay-Z's New "Love" Affair

With hits like “Crazy in Love” and “Dangerously in Love", we know Queen Bey isn’t shy about the expression.
She and Hubby Hov proved this once again with the surprise summer album Everything is Love and fans are going “Ape Sh!t”. It was first announced and released at the end of their show in London Stadium during their OTR Tour. Along with releasing the album, a six-minute music video was also released and the visual is striking.

Fans are saying this love album completes the dynamic trilogy of the Knowles-Carters Collection. It began with Beyoncé’s profound Lemonade, which touched on her marital discord. Then, Jay-z’s album 4:44 was an apology to Beyoncé. After these two emotionally powerful albums came Everything is Love. This album stands on the fact that they have decided to fight for their marriage and will continue moving forward together.

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Love is Everything was originally going to be a Tidal exclusive. Previously, Queen B didn't release Lemonade on Spotify or other streaming services. She explained her reasoning through her song "Nice": “My success can’t be quantified, If I gave two f***s about streaming numbers, would’ve put Lemonade up on Spotify.” Contrary to this statement, Love Is Everything has been released to Spotify and Apple Music.

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- Destin McMurray
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