Justin Bieber Engaged to Model Hailey Baldwin

Pop artist Justin Bieber, 24, is reportedly engaged to model Hailey Baldwin, 21, after only one month of them getting back together. 

Justin and Hailey previously dated back in 2015 but separated in 2016. The Couple rumored to be in the Bahamas July 7th where Justin popped the question. Justin’s Father took to social media to express his feelings about his son’s achievement, stating “Proud is an understatement! I'm excited about the next chapter."

Many Bieber fans have been following his love life and when the news broke, social media was set ablaze. Many fans were happy not only Justin but his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, as well. Some of Selena’s fans created a new hashtag, #Selenasfreeparty while posting pictures of how she must be feeling now that she’s “Free”.

However, according to her Instagram, Selena Gomez appears to be unfazed by the Bieber engagement news.

- Destin McMurray
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