Kylie Pierced Her Child's Ears and People Are Not Happy

Kylie’s little girl Stormi is already living up to her name and causing an uproar of her own. Last week, the new mom posted a snapchat video where fans noticed 5-month-old Stormi, with little gold earrings.

People from everywhere had an opinion about Stormi’s ears being pierced. One person tweeted,

I HATE it when I see children, with their ears pierced. Why would you want to
hurt your baby/toddler? Why would you want to do something to them, they
may not want doing? It’s horrid. People who follow Khloe and Kylie won’t
know any better, probably follow suit to get their kids' [done]."

The new Forbes ‘Self-Made Billionaire’ mom is hardly the first (celebrity or not) to get their baby’s ears pierced at a young age. Just last month, her big sister Khloe Kardashian, faced the same scrutiny following a picture of her baby, True, on Instagram.

While many people showed love for the cute picture, many were left unsatisfied. One follower posted,

"Sorry but I’m sooo against piercing a babies ears!!! F**k me, the legal age to have everything else other than the ears is 16. Why is it different to having her nose/lip pierced? Wouldn’t do that to a 2 month old baby!!! Disgusted in Khloe K!!"

The family hasn’t had to say much following this controversy because many fans support their decision. Followers from different cultures have defended the young mom.

Both sides make some good arguments, but some people think it’s best to leave the family alone on this one. Which side are you on?

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