Queen Bey Given “Unprecedented control “Over Vogue’s September Issue

Anna Wintor, Editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine has passed complete and total control over to Beyoncé for the September 2018 cover. 

According to the Huffington Post, the Fashion Bible is contractually bound to give the iconic singer full control over the magazine. With her power, it comes to no surprise Beyoncé has made history once again by hiring the first Black photographer to shoot the cover for Vogue in their 126-years of being created.

The 26-year-old photographer, Tyler Mitchell, is known for his shooting style as he creates his artwork with an “Honest Gaze”. During an interview with New York Times, he said, “I depict black people and people of color in a really real and pure way. There is an honest gaze to my photos.”

The Queen will also be choosing which pictures of her will be placed into the article and will be writing her own captions for them as well. 

As Beyoncé breaks the internet, again, the Beyhive has taken to Twitter with memes to show their excitement for the Superstar.

There are also rumors that Stormy Daniels, the woman who allegedly had sexual encounters with Donald Trump, is to appear in the magazine as well. Beyoncé hasn’t been able to be reached for a comment or interview.

- Destin McMurray
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