There’s Not a Chance, Chance the rapper will drop an Album this week

The Grammy award-winning Artist, Chance the Rapper, has announced he will NOT be dropping a new EP contrary to his statement during an interview with the Chicago Tribunal.

After walking back his earlier statement about the new project, his fans have taken their disappointment to Twitter.

 Though there might not be an album, Chance is really out here “living his best life” as he's now engaged to longtime girlfriend and mother of his child, Kirsten Corley. Chance said it best, “Tryna turn my baby momma to my fiancé”.

Chance is reportedly working with Kanye West on a different project while planning a concert for the 50th anniversary for the Special Olympics. He’s very well known for releasing new pieces of music under the radar like his surprise Christmas mixtapes. 

 The Chicago native is more than just an average music artist, he has spent much of his time trying help his hometown. A lot of his social activism circles around the public-school community. He’s best known for his handsome donations to the Chicago Public schools and sponsoring open mic nights at the Chicago Cultural Center (where he performed before his big break).

The 50th celebration concert for the Special Olympics will take place July 21st along with Usher, Daya, Smokey Robinson and many more artists.

- Destin McMurray

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