Why We Should All Want Friends Like Tyler Perry

Besides the fact that Tyler Perry is loaded, he is also generous. Tiffany Haddish, starring actress in his new
film, ‘Nobody’s Fool’, just received a brand-new Tesla courtesy of Madea herself. He said he was proud of
her in a video he made of the car outside of his home in L.A. She wrote in an Instagram post, “Thank God
for kind people that want to spread happiness.”

Tiffany expressed her want for a new Tesla on ‘The Ellen Show’ back in 2017. After seeing how much it
‘costed’ she decided to stick to her own wheels. Tyler Perry must’ve been paying attention because he
surprised her with the car last week. So not only is he loaded and generous, he’s attentive and that’s why
we should all want friends like Tyler Perry.

Tyler Perry’s ‘Nobody’s Fool’ will be in theaters November 2, 2018.

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