Serena Williams Dominates U.S Open in a Tutu

Whether she’s in a tight catsuit or a short skirt, Serena Williams still has skills. This was proven in the 2018 U.S. Open when Williams arrived in an all-black designer made tutu.

Last week, the French Tennis Federation implemented a new dress code after Serena’s unique catsuit performance. The French Tennis Federation President, Bernard Giudicelli stated, “It will no longer be accepted. One must respect the game and the place.” After these statements were released, Williams’s fans were outraged including legendary tennis player Billie Jean King.


Williams did not let  Giudicelli stop her from making fashion statements while playing tennis. Williams competed Monday (and won)  the U.S Open wearing a stunning one-shoulder black Virgil Abloh x Nike bodysuit with a black Tutu around her waist. Proving it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing because it won’t affect her game.

The main purpose of these “unique” outfits are too prevent blood clots. Serena is a new mother and after just having her child last year she was suffering from life-threatening blood clots. These dynamic suits are more than just a fashion statement. These outfits symbolize women empowerment and counterattack the stigmatizations society places on new mothers in terms of how they should act, dress, and perform.

- Destin McMurray
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