Guess Who's Chuckin' the Deuces at Detainment? Again.

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Easy Breezy! After winning the unofficial title as the current “King of R&B”, recent allegations leave artist Chris Brown with little to celebrate.

Brown’s lavish Paris Fashion Week escapade came to an abrupt halt this morning as he was detained by Parisian authorities on charges of "aggravated rape" and multiple narcotics offenses.

24 year old model, Jane Doe claims she was introduced to Brown through a friend, who works at the Crystal Lounge in the heart of Paris, France.

Brown must have a strong belief in polygamy as he attended the club with his new flame Ammika Harris.

The story gets even juicer. Jane Done was later invited to Chris’s suite at the 5 star Mandarin Hotel. The unnamed women reported to authorities that her night of fun turned into a nightmare. She says she was raped as well as physically abused by Brown and his security.

Now you know social media was not going to hear this big headline and not double check the receipts. Social media quickly found the alleged victims friend, Kim Ford and wanted to hear her side of the story about the horrific events. She wrote on Instagram, “I was there but nothing happened.”

Brown made a post saying “The Bitch is Lying”. What happened to NO BS?

Chris eventually says goodbye to the boys as police have now dropped all charges!

-Michael Blake

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