She's Bringing More Than Chicken N' Waffles to the Table...

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Gladys Knight is bringing her soulful sauce to the Super Bowl. She released a statement to the NFL saying “I am proud to use my voice to unite and represent our country in my hometown of Atlanta.” The songstress is set to belt out the National Anthem and many are threatened by it.

She claims that she’s honored to be a part of the new justice platform, Inspire Change, which the NFL has recently launched. Though the masses are saying the Super Bowl is “canceled”, our lady Mrs. Knight will still be honoring American football with her legendary voice.

She's knee-deep in criticism and so are many other performers. The African American community is upset with her because some feel she's not standing on its beliefs. Gladys explains that she's still taking that midnight train to Georgia and collecting her check this upcoming Super Bowl Sunday.


-Mya Jones
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