Top 5 Moment of The Golden Globes

Actresses used the stage of the 2019 Golden Globe Awards as a platform to pay tribute to others and bring awareness on campaigns such as the TimesUp movement. The ceremony consisted of a few empowering moments. Here are the Top 5 must-know moments of the night:
  1. Regina King’s Time’s Up Challenge

Best Supporting Actress Winner, Regina King, made a vow to employ more women for the projects she
produces during the next two years. She used her platform to challenge other celebrities and the
industry leaders to do the same.

King won for her role in “If Beale Street Could Talk” and vowed to make sure her future projects and
productions would contain at least 50 percent of women.

“I just challenge everyone out there in a position of power, in all industries" to do the same, King stated.
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  1. Carol Burnett receives 1st annual Carol Burnett Award

Carol Burnett, television icon and veteran comedian, accepted a new lifetime achievement Golden Globe award
named after her. The Carol Burnett Outstanding Achievement in Television Award will be award annually to a
recipient who has made a major impact for acting.

Burnett has broken barriers and has influenced generations through her craft of acting. She has acted for the past
six decades. She has won five Golden Globe awards.

“We’ve been granted a gift,” she told the Globes audience, “a canvas to paint with our talents, one to make people
laugh, or cry or maybe do both.” She dedicated her award to “all those who made my dream come true and all those
out there who yearn to be part of this medium…” said Burnett.

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  1. Sandra Oh makes history 3 times and wins Golden Globe Award

Sandra Oh not only made history by being the first Asian actress to host the Golden Globe Awards, but she won a
Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for acting in the show “Killing Eve.” Oh is the first Asian actress in 39 years
to win a Golden Globe award for the best leading television actress. Oh is also the first Asian woman to win multiple Golden Globes.

A touching moment was when Oh had accepted the award and her parents stood up and cheered as their daughter accepted her award.

“Two people here tonight, I'm so grateful they are here with me, I'd like to thank my mother and father," she said.
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  1. Glenn Close makes tearful women empowerment speech

Glenn Close took home a Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Movie Drama for her role in “The Wife”.
While accepting her award Close paid tribute to her mother while explaining “The Wife” film themes
of gender inequality. Close earned a standing ovation while delivering this empowering speech.

“I’m thinking of my mom, who really sublimated herself to my father her whole life, and in her 80s she
said to me, ‘I feel I haven’t accomplished anything,’ and it was so not right,” Close said. “Women, we’re
nurturers and that’s what’s expected of us ... but we have to find personal fulfillment. We have to follow our dreams.
We have to say, ‘I can do that’ and ‘I should be allowed to do that.'”

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  1. Patricia Clarkson reminds everyone what appropriate and good directing is.

Clarkson won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Television Series for her role in
“Sharp Objects”. She used her platform to talk about the Time’s Up Movement when she thanked her director Jean-Marc Vallee.

“You demanded everything of me, except sex, which is exactly as it should be in our industry.” said Clarkson.
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-Taylor S. Harris
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