50 Cent Lands Pilot with ABC

ABChas ordered pilots for a legal drama produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. 
The show does not have a title yet but is a series about  legal and family drama surrounding a prisoner who becomes a lawyer. Sounds a little bit like “Power” huh? The main character litigates cases for other inmates all the while trying to reverse his own life sentence for a crime he says he didn’t commit. 
This drama is about a black man's quest to freedom, longing to return to his family, and his desire to reclaim the life that was taken from him. It is said that this show is sure to be a hit and profitable for 50 cent, I mean they do say this is a big rich town. “50 Cent” will executive produce the show via his G-Unit Film & Television, Inc. at the same time that he is producing a new “Power” spin off prequel. Ready for another show full of twists & turns? “This is where it goes down!”

~Jayla Muse
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