Blocked! Liam Neeson’s Red Carpet Cancelled

 Oop! Shut your mouth and keep on talking! Word on the street is our old friend from Taken and The Commuter Liam Nelson took an interview with Good Morning America. Our elderly, and ever so bold fictional badass felt generous enough to share some of his personal, true feelings with about 4.51 million viewers regarding men of color. He claims that about 40 years ago he felt as though he had the right and authority to purse and commit acts of violence against random men of color because a close friend of his was raped.

What makes this story worse is that our loose cannon felt as thought these actions and thoughts were not racist, which in turn had him thinking that he was NOT a racist.

We are all CONFUSION!!!!! Old man Neeson has the game chopped, twisted, and screwed! There is no way possible that thinking blind acts of violence to a SPECIFIC targeted audience are okay in any way shape or form.
But aside from the messiness of this deplorably ignorant situation, we can all find humor in Mr. Neeson fumbling his white privilege bag and losing his spot on the red carpet.
~ Gabriel Lewis
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