Chris Brown and Offset beefing over 21 Savage Incarceration and Memes

Chris Brown and Offset have found themselves back in the media! This time it's not over any relationship, drug, or domestic allegations, but over the recent controversy involving rapper, 21 Savage, being taken into custody by ICE for overstaying his U.S.Visa.

The tension between the two artist all began earlier this week when Chris Brown decided to make jokes and repost a popular meme of 21 Savage. Offset felt like Brown was abusing the social media platform and not supporting their fellow musician, which resulted in him commenting “lame” under the post.

Chris didn’t take too well to the comment and fired back by posting side by side photo comparisons to Lance Crouther, aka “Pootie Tang”. From the looks of this feud, it’s pretty obvious that these two have issues putting their pride aside and letting the situation fade away.

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