From Bad To Worse “The Jussie Smollett Story ” (UPDATE)

It seems things are getting more and more messy as actor Jussie Smollett attempts to cling on the bit of innocence he has left.  On Thursday evening it was reported that smollett apologized to the whole cast and crew of empire for any embarrassment and unwanted attention he caused. He sure does move fast in a crisis considering the fact he was arrested and released  that same morning. The apology may have been enough for some but apparently  not everyone bought it. 

Smollett made headlines again this morning after it was  announced empire has written him the rest  of the season completely. The word going around is that some of his co-workers want him fired or for him to put in his two weeks notice. Empire executives were all on board with the decision  to remove him from the last few episodes.  The stench is betrayal is real….. Smollett sure knows how to get the black ball rolling !

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