Is Smollett Lyons or Not?

 #JussieSmollett trends on social with people from the far-right to tv hosts speculating whether Smollett is a Lyon or not. Clouds loom over Jussie Smollett’s alleged hate crime, that included homophobic slurs, a beating and a noose placed around the actor’s his neck. 

CNN is now reporting that two law enforcement officials, familiar with the case say Chicago cops believe the Empire actor paid two men to attack him. This contradicts cop’s statement two days ago that media reports that the attack was a hoax were “unconfirmed” by their detectives.

CPD just released two Nigerian brothers, Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo who were persons of interest in the alleged attack. They were released without being charged reportedly after new evidence surfaced. Now cops want to talk with Jussie ASAP.

Just Thursday, Smollett gave heart-wrenching details about the attack to Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts denying that he ever told police that his attackers wore MAGA Hats with the Trump campaign slogan, Make America Great Again.

 The actor who plays Jamal Lyon on the TV drama Empire recently hired a high-profile defense attorney, Michael Monico, the lawyer best known for his representation of Michael Cohen, the convicted felon who used to be the attorney for President, Donald Trump.  

Media reports contend Smollett orchestrated the attacked because he allegedly was being written off the series. Twentieth Century Fox and Fox Entertainment denied these claims and continued to stand by him as well as other celebrities and writers on the series, at least as of Friday. The story is still brewing.

-April Woodard
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