King of Funk Murdered?

Recent doubts in the death of the King of Funk, James Brown and his wife Adrienne have surfaced. Since then numerous allegations have called for a reopening of the case to answer questions only an autopsy and thorough criminal investigation can answer.

Dr. Marvin Crawford was of the many people interviewed and was the doctor who signed the birth certificate voiced his concerns on the legitimacy of Brown’s death. Brown died on Christmas Day in 2006, at the age 73, his official cause of death was heart failure, resulting from complications of pneumonia. Brown’s wife Adrienne died on January 6, 1996 two days after having cosmetic surgery, due to an  accidental overdose of painkillers following plastic surgery.

“Although police found no foul play in Adrienne Brown's Jan. 6, 1996, death, her friend Jacque Hollander told CNN that she believes otherwise.”

Many police reports filed by Adrienne suggested that her husband was very abusive towards her. Police records show that Brown was indeed arrested after neighbor told police that she saw him shoot at Adrienne and the bullet of which hit her car tire and trunk. Within Brown’s autobiography he credits all the problem in his marriage due to the fact that his and his wife's personalities were so strong.

The Brown’s family attorney has been contacted via USA TODAY on comments on the allegations but there has yet to be a response.

~Kierra Green

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