Nicki the Ninja got beef with BET?!

The Queen has spoken! Nicki Minaj has pulled herself and the Young Money squad from the BET Experience as well as the award show after an unnessaccary trolling post from the network directed at Nicki herself. This post beautifully highlighted Cardi B on her grammy win for Best Rap Album but really tried to drag Nicki! 
Nicki quickly responded expressing that she will not be participating in the networks events and her die hard Barbies were right there to back her up. Encouraging her fans who have bought tickets to this summer festival to get refunds and be on the look-out for her summer tour dates, Nicki also explains that she has not won a grammy because, like other artists, she pissed off grammy producer Ken Erhlich. 
BET really thought they were clever but the clapback was too crazy which led them to putting out a public apology. Unlike BET Nicki had some pose on social media expressing that she’ll be dropping all the tea on QUEEN radio but we also got some tea for you, I’m sorry BET but it sounds like someone is getting fired. 

~Maraya Henderson 
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