The Most Notable Moments of the 61st Annual Grammy Awards

While some fan favorite performers like Rihanna, Beyonce and Bruno Mars weren’t on the night’s line up (many didn’t even attend), there were still a number of stand-out Grammy performances.

Havana oh naw naw!

What motivated the Grammys to decide to open the show with a song from almost two years ago? Does 5th Harmony—I mean Camila Cabello have any other singles? Though, the extravagant latin-infused choreography and guest performances from Ricky Martin kind of made up for the annoying tune. This performance left many viewers feeling conflicted on whether they should watch the rest of the award show.  

The Hostess with the Mostest

Alicia Keys as the host with an Hippie-esque emphasis on love. She showed lots of genuine love to many of the acts, often referring to them as her “sisters.” She payed homage to songs that she “wished she wrote” like Lauryn Hill’s “That Thing” and Juice Wrld’s “Lucid Dreams”. And of course she had to remind everyone why she’s known as “Keys” by playing not one, but two pianos at the same time.

Awkward Music Transitions.

Post Malone and the Red Hot Chili Peppers could’ve had one of the nights best performances,  seeing as the rapper has a background in rock music. However, the result was an abrupt change from the acoustic sounds of “Stay” to the upbeat “Rockstar,” and ending with the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Dark Necessities. It came off as last minute, and perhaps it was, seeing as 21 savage, who is also featured on “Rockstar,” missed the Grammys due to ICE detainment. Travis Scott’s performance also faced this but we’ll dive into that later in the list.

Cardi B has the Best Night

Hands down, Cardi B had the best night. Only one word can describe her performance: Sexy. It was very much the rapper and former stripper’s style with dancers spread-eagling on the stage as if they were at Magic City on a Monday.  And the rapper won her first ever Grammy for best rap album. Has anyone checked on Nicki?

Travis Scott’s Cage Match

Sir, this is the Grammys not a WWE cage match. Imagine spending hours on elaborate choreography and stage design to prepare for a performance at the biggest night of music and then having to watch Travis Scott jump around stage.  I don’t know what was more lackluster: this or his two-verse performance for the Superbowl. 

The GaGa Grammy Glow up

Oh Gaga. Seems like it was just yesterday that you were being escorted onto the Grammy stage in an alien pod to literally show people that you were “Born this way.”  Now she’s tore up the stage with her hit single from the movie “A Star Was Born” without any crazy gimmicks, but still just as dramatic. Gaga won her first Grammy almost 10 years ago for her smash hit “Poker Face”. Can you say ten year challenge or what?

All-in-all this year’s Grammys weren’t THAT bad, but it wasn’t anything we are going to talk about for years. It was definitely a win for the women, who won most of the show’s biggest categories.

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