A Once In A Lifetime Showdown

Hours away from the final showdown of the college basketball season, the shocking outcomes of this
year’s march madness have left college basketball fans appalled. With the controversial ending of the
Auburn/ Virginia game and the early exits of powerhouse schools, this NCAA tournament has taken a
complete turn from bracket predictions. For the first time in 40 years, both teams are making their first
NCAA title appearance in the history of college basketball. The Cavaliers (34-3) and the Red Raiders
(31-6) are the first teams to appear in the NCAA championship for the first time since Magic Johnson
and Michigan State took on Larry Bird and Indiana State. Given the surprising events in this year’s
march madness, fans have no idea what to expect. With three potential first round picks, two great
coaches, and two programs with no NCAA championship experience, this may go down as one of the
greatest college basketball championship games in NCAA history.
~Kima’nd Albright

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