Magic Johnson Resigns as Los Angeles Lakers President After A Historically Tragic Season

 After falling short of what was supposed to be the ultimate comeback season, Magic Johnson has decided to resign as the president of the Laker organization.

 With the addition of 4x MVP and 3-time NBA champion LeBron James, and talented role players such as Rajon Rondo and JaVale McGee, the Los Angeles Lakers were expected to be a powerhouse in the western conference. Unfortunately, the season began to take a turn for the worse when suspensions and injuries plagued the team. 

With young stars Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram missing almost half of the regular season, the Laker organization struggled to create any momentum. Many Laker fans were enraged at the decision Magic Johnson made regarding Brooklyn Nets all-star guard D’Angelo Russell, and his willingness to trade the entire team for superstar center Anthony Davis.

 After trading D’Angelo Russell, Magic stated “we want to thank him for what he did for us but what I needed was a leader.” Two years later, D’Angelo Russell has developed into an all-star while leading his team to the playoffs. The Lakers on the other hand, have only managed to improve by two wins since last season. 

Despite all the changes Magic Johnson has made in his last two years, his organization has not improved. After stating “I was happier when I wasn’t president” and expressing his sorrow and discontent with making trades, he ended his presidency with the words “I want to go back to having fun”. 

Kimand Albright
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