Thank You........NEXT!

Ariana Grande is set to release a beauty and fragrance line named after one of her newest hit singles and most recent project Thank You, Next. She is to be releasing a perfume and other beauty care items like body lotions, body gels, body mists, and body scrubs. Harperz Bazzar Magazine stated, “Her debut scent called Ari has sold over $150 million dollars in perfume. Since then she's released five others, including her latest scent Cloud which was estimated to bring in $50 million in the first year.”

While I’m here for a young woman going to get a check, I am not here for the mimicking of a fellow well known pop music icon who happens to be a woman of color making strides in her own lane. Bad Gyal Riri has been on the makeup and beauty scene since its premiere in September of 2017. Rihanna has been making leaps and strides to go against the grain to break the stereotypes that you can only be a boss in one lane as a superstar (especially as a woman of color). But in a brighter light, we all know the Sweetener start will be making “Buku” amounts of money as soon as the link drops. So we are expecting a huge web crash in our near future as young Ari breaks the internet!

~Gabriel Lewis
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