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Minnie Makes Less: How Disney Is Trying to Disprove the Accusations That Women Do Not Have Equal Pay in Its Facilities    
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When you think of the Walt Disney Company, you probably think of a family friendly business where everything is smiles and fun times. Well, according to the women who work within its California locations, it's not the happiest place on Earth. According to the New York Times, the original lawsuit happened in April where two women, LaRhonda Rasmussen and Karen Moore, filed a putative case for being paid less than their male counterparts, but now they're back for blood. Disney was going to try and claim that these women were not enough to represent the whole company, considering our dear mouse owns a record label, theme parks, movie studios, and Lord knows what else, but 8 more women were added as plaintiffs. Disney still believes that the case is just a series of individual claims, and they intend to milk that disadvantage for all its worth in order to protect their reputation.

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The reason as to why this case could be seen as such a big deal is because it could be a 
violation of the California Fair Pay Act. The California Fair Pay Act is not as concrete as it should be as it’s full of loopholes. Mickey’s lawyers have stated that no case under this law has been class action, so the Club House is trying to avoid being the first. Disney’s lawyers have also noticed that the plaintiffs do not have a case in terms of women in different jobs and simple seniority. However, the company is not letting this case go and planning for every contingency, including a class action. These ladies better be ready for a fight.
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