The Debut of Issa’s “Raedio”

Famous actress Issa Rae is living proof that the sky is the limit! With her multiple television projects in the works, Issa Rae decided to take it up a notch and take her talents to the music industry. Recently, Issa Rae co-founded a new music label entitled with a creative play on her name, “Raedio”. Raedio is partnered with Atlantic Records, which means that the works of artists that are under either Raedio or Atlantic Records will be shared on both platforms. Her new record label also supplies music supervision for her HBO series, such as “A Black Lady Sketch Show”. We stan a queen that is always in her bag!

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 So, what made Issa Rae venture into a whole other industry, being that she is already a trailblazer in her acting career and is continuing to grow in her craft? Well, as stated by Issa herself, music has played a crucial piece of every project that she has done, and giving a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents is one of her personal passions as well, so why not create a beneficial emergence of these interests in this form? This is indeed a power move that calls for the mind of a creative, future-thinking force, that has a good sense of confidence that rises over any “Insecure”-ity they may inhibit. As Issa has already showcased, she matches these exact descriptions, which explains her successful execution to such a project. Oh, don’t we all love to see it! With Raedio being in the works, it is without a doubt that Issa Rae is in the making of becoming a name of immense stature. As Issa Rae would proudly proclaim, this is a stellar glimpse of #BlackGirlMagic.

-Nyle Paul
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