The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Plea of Privacy in New Doc

The documentary, An African Journey, covering our favorite Royals’ trip to Africa, is set to air on British television on Sunday. Although the doc is intended to provide the public with a detailed glimpse into Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s 10-day tour of the exotic continent, we all know why everyone is REALLY going to watch the film: Meghan Markle. The general public is aware of the Royals’ desire to live a private life, but the media desires to know every aspect of their lives. This has clearly taken a toll on her and her family. 

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It hasn’t all been a fairytale for the newest Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In a newly released clip from the documentary, Meghan speaks about the difficulties of her new lifestyle. In the interview, she is asked how she is doing, and the pain in her eyes and voice can immediately be seen and heard. The interviewer then proceeds to ask if it is safe to say that she is not okay, her response is a head nod and a sorrowful “yes.” Many have come to her defense, arguing that she does not deserve to feel this way. Harry continues to be protective over his wife, especially considering his relationship with the British Press and the role he believes they played in his mother’s death. So, to everyone’s favorite British red head and the real life Princess Tiana, be strong and continue minding your business and sipping your tea.  

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- Deja Hobbs
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